sausage filler

Electric Sausage Filler


 Model:            BSF-15                       BSF-20                    BSF-25                BSF-30

Power:               120W                          200W                        200W                     200W 

Capacity:           16L                              21L                          26L                          32L

Bowl volume:  320*260mm           380*260mm            480*260mm             570*260mm

N.weight;         33Kg                            45Kg                        53Kg                         57Kg

Size:        880*420*320mm      880*450*350mm    980*510*470mm     1080*510*470mm



rapid sausage filler

Rapid Sausage Filler


1.Stainless steel body looks luxury and elegant, ad also ensure that the food processed is clean.

2.Bowl with big capacity. Hydraulic system lifting sausage up and down, Low noise and high efficiency;

3.Imported and domestic branded electric appliances and hydraulic components ensure good quality and long service life.

4.Conversion swtich and food-switch offer safer operation.

 Technical Datas:

Model:  BSF-150     BSF-260      BSF-350
Power:           0.55Kw                  0.75KW                   1.1Kw

Voltage:       110V/220V           110V/220V        l10V/220V

Capacity:       300kg/H                  400kg/H             600Kg/H

Bowl Volume:   15L                        26L                      35L

Size:           60*40*124cm    60*48*124cm     73*56*124cm

N.weight:          125Kg                    150Kg                175Kg


sausage filler & binder

BLS-600 Vacuum Sausage Filling & Knoting Machine


* Quantitative and fixed length, component twist, suits for high speed to fill the collagen casing and cellulose casing.

** The worker can operate the machine in both of  two sides to get double efficiency. Ensure the stability of produce procedure and working continuity

** Pressing and Twisting are adopted of micro-electronics stepless speed regulation. The operating is visual and handy, quickly following and shocking free, high sensitivity.

** low power, save energy.

Technical Parameters:

Power: 2KW

Voltage: 380V/3P/50PH

Capacity: 600portions/min or 1T/H

Volume of Hopper; 150L

Stuffing Pressure: 2.5MPa

Knoting Mold: 8sets;

Knoting length of sausage: <13mm, and according to the mold.

Diameter of sausage: 16m-28mm

Dimension: 1470*820*1660mm

N.weight: 500KG




sausage tying machine

BLS-200 Double Sausage Tying Machine

      This machine adopts the microcomputer control technique. It works smoothly and fluently. The tying machine is light in weight, small in size and low in noise. 

Power: 750W
Voltage; 220V/1P/50Hz
Capacity: 320 portions/min
Diameter of casing: 16-32mm
Lenght of portion: adjustable freely
N.weight: 135KG

Dimension: 1060*530*965mm



sausage tying machine

BLS-100 Semiauto Electric Sausage Tying Machine

This machine is made of stainless steel.



Voltage: 220V/1P/50Hz

Capacity: 100 portions/min

Diameter of casing: 8-32mm

Portion lenght: 30-260mm                                                                        N.weight: 49Kg                                                                                      Size: 790*410*470mm

semi-auto sausage binder & tyer

BLS-100P Pneumatic Semi-auto Sausage Binder


* Adopts pneumatic driving and cotton thread for binding, being clean, hygienic, highly efficient, energy-saving and in conformity to the food hygienic requirements.

* The machine is applicable to the products made of natural sausage casings as well as collagen, fiber and smoked sausage casings.

Technical Datas:

Capacity: 80 portions/min

Length of Binding: 30mm-260mm adjustable

Dia. of casing: 8-32mm

Air pressure: 0.4Mpa

N.weight: 75Kg

Dimension: 1150*520*1000mm