BLM-350 Meat Dicer


Power:  3kw
Voltage: 380V/220V/3P
Capacity:  500-600kg/h
Feeding tank Size:  84x84X350mm
Cutting Barrier Size:  4,5,6,7,8,12,21,28,42,84


1)Adjusting thickness-cutting knob may carry out stepless speed regulation of push rod so as to meet the requirement of different cutting thickness.

2)Having adopted the use of pre-pressure design so as to ensure making diced meat in even cubes.

3)When single-edge cutting, meat push rod makes step- by-step motion to ensure correct cutting dimension.

BLM-17 Large Meat Cutting Machine


** This machine can cut fish, chicken, ribs, chop, meat in pieces. 

** Cutting thickness is adjustable in the range of 2mm to 30mm 

** The machine is made of stainless steel.

** Imported main parts to ensure the quality of the machine.


Power: 3KW

Voltage: 380V/220V/3P

Capacity: 150pcs/min

Lenght of feeding groove: 700mm

Thickness of cutting:  2-30mm(adjustable)

Biggest Cutting size: 170*170*640mm

Dimension: 900*671*1265mm (exincluded feeding groove)

N.weight: 300Kg


DB-200 Poultry Deboner


**This machine is used for winkling the bone of poulty or ribbat carcass.

**The finished products can be used for sausage, patty,meat ball,etc.

** High efficiency, easy operation and cleaning, 

Technical Datas: 
Productivity: 160-260kg/h
Power: 4kw
Voltage; 380V
N.weight: 600kg

bowl cutter

Bowl Cutting Machine


** It can cut meat, vegetable, melon and fruit rapidlly to make filling.

** This machine has the advantages of compact structure,fine apperance,easy operation and high efficiency.

** All  parts that contact the food are made of anti-corrosion Al alloy and stainless steel.


Model Power Voltage Productivity Volume of Bowl N.Weight Dimensions(mm)
TQ-5 037Kw 220V 80Kg/H      5L 62Kg 525×420×550
TQ-8 0.75Kw 220V 120Kg/H      8L 90KG 800×550×550
QS-620 1.5/1.1Kw 220V/380V 120Kg/H      20L 126KG 775×710×940
QS-630 2.2/2.8Kw 380V/3P 300Kg/H        25L 318KG 990×810×980
QS-650 2.2/2.8Kw 380V/3P 1000Kg/H      50L 360Kg 1200×1000×1138





BC-400 Bone Crusher


       This is a high-fficient claw-shape mightiness break-bone machine. This equipmentis especially suit for breaking dry or fresh bones in small pieces, such as:beef large bnes, pork large bne, sheep large bones and ther animal large bones, etc.  The body of machine is made of stainless steel, the knife and net is made of carbon steel.

Technica Data:

Power: 7.5kw

Voltage: 380V/3P


Feeding gate size:380*250mm

Cutting size: 5-80mm

N.weight: 520kg




table tenderizer

Tabletop Tendeirzer


** 100% Gear drive transmission with durable steel alloy gear

** Heavy duty, single piece stainless steel combs prevent meat from becoming between blades

** 64 heavy duty shaped knives mounted on two stainless steel shafts knits meat on both sides at the same time

** Four heads for choose: meat cutter , jerky slicer, vegetable cutter and meat grinder.

Technical Datas:

Model:            TS-12               TS-22

Power:              1HP                  1.5HP

Voltage:        220V/115V        220V/115V

Input Chute:        7"×11"              7"×11"

Knives width:        2.5"                  2.5"

N.weight:              25Kg               35KG

Dimensions: 555×252×360mm   465×245×530mm



bone grinder

BC-180 Bone Grinding Machine

This is a new developed mightiness bone breaking machine with a high efficient claw-shape. This machine can break up bone and change into small grain. This equipment is especially suitable to kinds of bones, such as: dry or fresh beef large bones, pork large bones, sheep large bones ,poultry bone, and fish bone etc.


Power: 7.5Kw

Voltage: 380V/3P/50Hz / 220V/3P/60Hz

Rotating speed: 160r/min

Capacity: 600-1000Kg

Feeding gate: whole bone less than 200mm

Discharge size: 5-80mm(by change plate)

N.weight: 445Kg

Dimensions; 1600*700*1200mm

manual meat slicer

 ​Manual Meat Slicer


** Spring auto feeding meat device ,Stainless steel, Import alloy blade.

** Can cut duck bone, chicken bone, rabbit bone, frozen meat, cooked meat,fresh fish, dried fish, ox tenden, root vegetable, chinese medicine materials, etc.

** Double blades for slicing meat and cut bone.

Technical Datas:

Slicing Thickness: adjustable freely

Blade lenght: 200mm

Size: 510*325*170mm

N.weigth: 6Kg


manual meat slicer

 ​Manual Meat Slicer 

** Auto feeding meat function.

** Machine is made of stainless steel, Import alloy blade

Technical Datas:

Slicing Thickness: 0.2mm-30mm

Slicing Speed: 100pcs/min

Size: 500*350*170mm